Enhance Care operate a photo transfer and DVD duplication service from our office located at Suite 2, 77 King Street, Caboolture.

We specialise in converting old formats of media to new, from analogue to digital. We also specialise in creating presentations for personal and professional clients. Think of us if you require a video to be shot and edited, a PowerPoint slide to be turned into a DVD video, or convert your film into restored digital files.

For information and charges please contact the Enhance Care office on 5432 3374 and we will only too happy to discuss your needs with you and provide a quote for our services.

What We Do

Film Scanning

Developed still film of any size, material, and quality.

Video Tape

Video on VHS and VHS-C. Any content can be transferred with a BYO camcorder.

Audio Cassettes

Conversions can include noise filtering and sound restorative techniques which improve the quality of your media. Compact cassettes only.

Files on a memory card

Any media recorded to an SD, MicroSD, or CF card.


Vinyl records of the LP and EP format.

What we can deliver

Video, sound, and images delivered in any format.

We can deliver your media on a drive, USB stick, DVD or CD that you can bring to us, or use a drive we recommend. If you would like us to produce multiple copies, we provide a duplication service to burn, label, and print covers for all copies. If the video needs to be published to the web, we can deliver it for you on any service. We aim to keep our charges as low as possible for these services.

We can tailor your media to your liking

Your videos can be formatted digitally for a wide range of purposes. Below are a few of the ways we can format your media. If you need something specific, we can produce it:*

DVD playback of video, images, and music. We can pair soundtracks on DVDs with visuals, and pair images with soundtracks.

Archive media in large data files. We can deliver your recordings in a lossless or very high bitrate. You can receive your videos either in a completely unedited set of files with or without restoration, or in a set of edited files to your liking. Soundtracks can be delivered in lossless data files, or in audio CDs.

Our Pics and Flicks staff are also able to produce slideshow and PowerPoint presentations that include photos and text or just photos. This are ideal for special occasions and we can even add your own music to the background should you wish. Background music can be included. If you have already produced a slideshow, we can convert it to a DVD or Bluray authored video.

We can also transfer your old VHS videos to DVD for you so that you can still watch them while retaining the original copy. We can only provide this service if you own the VHS video and cannot reproduce hire videos etc. We can also duplicate you DVDs so that you can retain the original in pristine condition and use a duplicate to watch, however you must own the original DVD that you bring to us so that you do not breach copyright laws.

Create your video

We can help you create a video for promotional, educational, or entertainment purposes. We can do this either by using video or images you have prepared, or we can shoot the video for you. We can offer a complete video production solution. Whether you need to establish your brand with your creative direction, or record a live event for a day or two, we're with you from start to finish.

Film and Sound Restoration

Image restoration allows you to see your images more vividly. Older film can degrade in colour over time, especially if they were not kept in the best climate. Our film restoration techniques can remove damages and bring back the original colour of your film. Images are processed non-invasively, and can be producible in 16 bpc DNG files. Older film may only be scanned using a dry mount technique, as wet mounting may damage the material. Dry mounting can be analysed with Digital ICE using an infrared scan to remove film degradation. As of now, motion film can also be accepted, but will be scanned in another facility.

If your sound recordings have degraded over time, we can bring more definition to them, filtering out static hiss or unwanted sounds. Our process for clearing up your sound will be processed non invasively. We make use of several pieces of software for sound processing, ensuring you have the highest quality recording attainable.

For information and charges please contact the Enhance Care office on 5432 3374 and we will only too happy to discuss your needs with you and provide a quote for our services.

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